What about Children?

We are not paying anyone to watch the kids nor are we expecting anyone to take the kids out and teach them a Bible lesson. However, any parent is free to do so if the Lord puts that on their heart. If a parent or couple want to share some things with the children during the meeting time they can invite the other parents to allow their kids to participate, but it is never required. Many parents prefer their children to remain with them during worship.

It is the father’s responsibility of each household to shepherd and teach his children the Bible. It is not the responsibility of the church.  However, the Lord will certainly use other dads and moms to share with and teach all the children.

Home church is about taking responsibility. When the church gathers together at someone’s home, it is important to have the upmost respect for the hosting family. Children need to be parented and monitored.  Parents should feel free to parent their children as they see fit, but not at the expense of others.  Although parents and children should feel relaxed during meetings, there must be some training done at home to teach children to be quiet, still, and respectful of the house we are in, and respectful of the reason we are coming together.