Each family in the group gives in their own individual ways. Some share their faith with co-workers, some give privately to specific families and charities, and some donate their time and money as needs arise throughout daily life. Giving is not public, but a private matter between each person and God. No one is watching or making sure anyone else is giving.

Some of us regularly build “grocery bags” and giveaway items that we pass out in the community in order to meet our neighbors and bless them. Many in the group contribute to filling these bags as they are able.

There are many gifted individuals in the group who are trained and credentialed in: carpentry and home repair, healthcare, counseling, and teaching. If you personally have a need we can meet, let us know.

Past group events include:

Saturday morning home repair – Load up the lawnmowers and tools and head out to the neighborhoods.  Grass mowed and small repair projects offered free of charge to the community.

Cy-Fair Helping Hands – Some in the group put their funds together and contribute food items to the community.

Soul Purpose Street Band – Music, preaching and prayer on the sidewalk. Not too good, but we try.