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What is Home Church Houston?

We are a fellowship of Christians in the Houston area.

To put it very simply, we are seeking to BE the church, instead of just attending a church meeting only.home church sept 2014 105

We are made up of Christian families who are wanting to meet around the Lord in simple, New Testament ways.

What We Are About

We are about Jesus!

And we desire to follow the New Testament example. So, rather than church being:

1. A service or event I attend
2. A denomination or organization I become a member of
3. A program I fit into and help build

The New Testament example tells us that church is:

1. A way of life (sharing life together focused on Christ)
2. A simple community of faith (a spiritual family that gathers with full participation)
3. Natural and organic leadership that is not controlling or running things, but is loosely facilitating. Meet our Pastor

We Are Not About Money

The early Christians we read about in the New Testament didn’t need money to be the church. They didn’t need expensive buildings to meet in and they didn’t need a paid staff.

article on biblical tithing

Where and How Do We Meet?

We primarily meet in homes. The churches in the New Testament met in homes. There are millions of people having church in homes today, but you rarely hear of them because they are not usually advertised or very high profile.

There are many reasons to have church in homes. Here are a few of the primary reasons:

1. Meeting in homes is Biblical.

2. The essence of Christianity is easily accomplished in simple and uncomplicated settings.

3. Group participation with all people having the opportunity to contribute to the meeting time if they want to should be the primary dynamic of any church meeting (1 Cor. Chapter 14),

4. Connecting with others and developing meaningful relationships is easily accomplished in a “living room atmosphere.”


A Glimpse of a Home Church Fellowship: No Duty, Only Desire.

by Brittany McCardle www.thegentlehome.com

A sliver of moon low in the sky.
A little house with green floors sitting in an open green field.
Windows alight against an expanse of black sky.
Stars twinkling overhead.
An invitation to come- come experience the Body of Christ.
 A group of people come together:
Young people, old people, children, babies;
Familiar faces and new ones pour into this house filled with love.
Empty tin dishes once filled with piles of warm food for a hungry crowd.
Hearts and stomachs full from feasting together.
These aren’t just the people I worship God with, they are family.
Babies crawling underfoot.
Knowing smiles passed across the room.
Guitars played by experienced fingers;
Heart strings plucked, tuned to praise.
We’re all here for one reason: we love Jesus.
This isn’t going to church- we are The Church.
Bibles and hearts opened to receive whatever He may have for us.
A Saturday night spent in waiting adoration for the One who saved us all.
A bottle of wine sitting on a table. A cracker laid out on a kitchen island.
Plastic cups passed around the room. Crumbs on the floor. Blessed communion.
This is holy ground. In our everyday ordinary, we are sacred.
There is nothing fancy here.
No fancy clothes. No fancy music. No fancy lighting.
The air is warm with the presence of bodies.
Children gather around the patio in the dark to hear a Bible story.
Patio lights shine on their shining faces, receiving the word of God.
No schedules, no volunteers, just hearts willing to serve the Body of Christ-
Even its smallest members.
As I walk across the damp lawn in late evening hours, moon overhead,
Bright lights in the windows calling out to anyone who might see, “Come inside,”
And my heart is so full I can barely breathe.
Worshiping Jesus, fellowship with my many brothers and sisters, receiving the word of God,
It is always filling, never taking; inviting, never demanding.
This is not a church, it is The Church, just one part of the much larger Body of Christ.
And it is so good.
I wonder, how many others are tired?
How many others think worship is just a song you sing?
How many others need to leave their fancy clothes behind and just come as they are?
How many others need to leave “church” to experience Jesus?
As I wonder, I am still so grateful because I am here, and I needed
Just as so many do, to give up the obligation of duty
And just to come, experience Jesus, experience His Body, The Church.


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